WickedCMS Features

  • CMS


    You will find all content simple and easy to manage by even the complete novice.
    All page content is customizable.
    Create new pages, alter navigation / menus, manage your store, images, sliders, galleries etc.
  • Themes / Templates

    Themes / Templates

    Select an existing theme or purchase a custom theme, we will take care of the setup, leaving you with the freedom to customize and manage as you see fit.
    Our pre-set themes can be easily customized, which we will do for you *free of charge* when signing up for a WickedCMS website.
    Our templates are responsive (suite many devices and screen sizes).
    You can also purchase a template (preferrably a responsive / boostrap template), which we will integrate into your website for you.
    * customization does not include logo and corporate design.
  • Quick setup

    Quick setup

    No more waiting months for development.With all the features of large e-commerce website, but none of the cost and months of development.
    Select one of our pre-existing themes which can be setup within a day* and the time to launch is all up to you.
    * dependant on customization required.
  • Online Store

    Online Store (Everything you need to sell your products online)

    Manage your store contents (products, brands, categories)
    Keep track of your product stock and get alerts for low stock levels.
    Setup featured products, run specials and create discount coupons.
    Manage your orders, keep track of payment, delivery etc.
    Have access to many payment gateways including, EFT, PayPal, Paygate, Payfast and Monsterpay.
    Available in multiple currencies, with live currency conversions.
    Generate reports
    Customize emails i.e. confirmation emails, invoices, delivery notices etc.
  • Schools


    We have a full schools module whereby you can manage all your courses, subjects and students.
    Manage your courses/grades and classes.
    Manage your subjects and exams, draw subject or student exam reports.
    Allocate downloads to courses or individually to students.
    Secure website access so students can login and have access to their exam results and downloads.
    Multiple administration access so teachers can login and add exam results and draw reports.
  • Apps


    WickedCMS come pre-built with many great Apps and more still in development.
    Create Sliders and Image galleries with ease.
    Form builder allows you to create your own forms quickly and without and programming knowledge.
    Newsletter signup form, integrated with your contacts list.
    Activate Google analytics.
  • Contacts and mailers

    Contacts and mailers

    You will have full control over your mailing lists.
    Contacts can be grouped and targeted for specific campaigns.
    Mailers can be created quicky on the fly and sent out to any of your mailing groups.
  • Performance


    WickedCMS is a fast and lightweight framework, designed for speed and ease of use.
    Quick to setup - give your business an immediate boost.
    Additionally our servers are setup to provide your website with optimal performance.
  • Security


    All administration of you website will take place from a completely secure administration area.
    You will be able to add as many administrators to your website as you require and each can be given limited access to specified areas.
    All software has been designed with security at the forefront.
  • SEO

    SEO (Improve your websites ranking)

    Every page is optimized for getting the most out of search engines. Every page allows for customizing your meta tags etc.
    Sitemaps are generated automatically.Our custom sites are all responsive designs which is Google recommended.
  • Custom updates / additions

    If you don't have the time to wait for free updates, you can hire one of our developers to implement functionality on your website immediately.
    This will be quoted on individually.

Bonus Features

  • Free Updates

    WickedCMS is under active development, this means that you will have access to all additional functionality, improvements and new Apps as they become available.We also appreciate your feedback and input, so you are welcome to make suggestions for new functionality or Apps, all suggestions will be taken seriously and if chosen for development will be made freely available on completion.
  • Support

    We are always available on email for support.
    Any technical issues will be addresses immediately.
  • Hosting


    This service is fully managed, your system is managed by a highly qualifies systems administrator who keeps everything running smoothly and at optimal performance and making sure everything is secure and backed up on a daily basis.