Terms & Conditions

Your Privacy
Any content entered into the WickedCMS framework will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
We will never copy or distribute your mailing lists, or share any personal information.

Fees are paid annually and may be subject to change, however we will always endeavour to keep prices as low as possible for existing clients.

WickedCMS software:
WickedCMS Software and framework remains the property of 72tec.
Signing up for an WickedCMS website will not entitle you to access the framework or to the source code.
However this should be unnecessary as all content can be easily managed from your custom admin and our onsite developer will assist you with any development you require.

Packages run annually but you may cancel your WickedCMS package at any time.
The polite thing to do would be to email or phone us to let us know, but after 30 days of non-payment from date of invoice, your contract will be deemed cancelled and all services will be suspended.
It is your duty to download your mailing lists and reports before the date of cancellation as72tec cannot be held liable for backups after cancellation.
No annual fees will be refunded for early cancellations.