About Us

When big isn't better!
Yes we are a small personalized company, but that's a good thing, no call centres, no being passed around endlessly.
When you contact us, you'll always be able to talk to someone who knows what's going on.
There is always a developer on hand to address any technical issues, and we are always there to give the best advice possible.

Established in 2002, 72tec has been around for a long time and plans to be around a lot longer.
We have many years of industry and development experience and our clients receive close personal attention and support on an on-going basis.

WickedCMS and how it came about
After over 10 years of developing online products for clients we realized that although each client was unique , they all had very similar needs.
So we set about designing one awsome product that we could confidently offer to all our clients, which would cover most, if not all their needs, but was also flexible enough to be extended for special requirements.
This resulted in WickedCMS, a product that could be launched quickly, and at low cost. A product with all the features of a large scale application, but fine-tuned for speed and user-friendliness.

Together with WickedCMS's extensive backend capabilities, we have also been focusing on responsive designs for frontends.
This way you will be providing a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.

Find out more about WickedCMS's incredible features.

Just one product?
Why have more when one product can do it all?
We plan on developing this product actively, this means any updates or requested new functionality will benefit all WickedCMS users at no additional cost.
Development will not only take place on the backend, but also on developing new and innovative responsive templates.

Tired old site?
Still think you don't think you need a WickedCMS site? Don't worry we can still make your current tired old site bright and new again.
Let us improve your site's responsiveness for use across many devices.
Optimize your site for search engines.
Improve your websites speed and performance.